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Boldt Castle on Heart Island

New York 1000 Lakes Area

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A six minute ferry ride on Uncle Sam’s Boat Tours in Alexandria Bay took us to Boldt Castle. Designed after European Castles, George Boldt began a summer estate for his wife and kids, but construction stopped when his wife died before it was completed. Now reconstruction has resumed by the 1000 island bridge authority so we now know where all that toll money goes.

Castle entrance

View from the side

Not all interior rooms are completed, but the some of them remind me of the Biltmore estate on a smaller scale.

Dining room

Grand staircase from above

From the garden walkway

The island had its own powerhouse with generators for electricity and water pressure

One of the coolest areas was the small castle built as a playhouse for the kids.

Overall a great way to spend a few hours. Total cost was $46 for the boat ride and self guided tour for 2 people.

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Watkins Glen State Park

New York

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Watkins Glen State Park has a gorge with an awesome stone trail built into the sides.


The trail is 1.5 miles each way. Views are excellent from both directions.


There are several stone bridges so the trail alternates from side to side.


There are 19 waterfalls along the way.


Some places the pathways lead behind the waterfalls.

The stone walkways get you right up close to the stream, and some places we got a little wet.
End to end there are around 800 steps, so we got a good workout. No dogs allowed so the pups got to rest.


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Letchworth State Park

New York

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Letchworth State Park is home to a beautiful gorge on the Genesee river.

Highlights of the park are the three water falls not so creatively named upper, middle, and lower.

We had a good day for pictures. Upper falls

Middle Falls

Lower Falls

We were impressed with the stone staircases and bridges that were built by the ccc. The dogs love the hikes with rocks and steps.

We had a secluded campsite surrounded by trees. Site 821 is a gem.

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Niagara Falls State Park

New York

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We stayed at Four Mile Creek State Park. The lake sites are much nicer than our playground site. Facilities are nicer than average for state parks. The parking pass for Four Mile allows free entry at Niagara which was a nice perk.

We walked around goat island and got some nice pictures of the American and Bridle Veil Falls.


The sun cooperated and presented a beautiful rainbow at Horseshoe falls.

We got pretty wet at the Cave of the Winds walk, but feeling the power of the falls up close is worth it.

After changing into dry shoes and socks we walked across the rainbow bridge to Canada. From the Canadian side the views are more direct, but you dont get as close to the falls and feel or hear the power as much. Take some cash, the toll is $1 and doesn’t accept credit.

Here are the falls from the Canadian side

We stopped at Whirlpool State Park and hiked the Rim Trail to the Whirlpool Rapids Trail. It’s around 300 steps down to the bottom of the gorge. It’s well shaded and it’s cool to hear and see the water flowing up close. It was bluish green in color while we were there.

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Old Fort Niagara State Park

New York

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While in the area visiting Niagara Falls we decided to take the dogs for a walk at Old Fort Niagara. Originally built by the French, taken over by the British, and then held by the US. We were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the buildings in the fort. It’s well worth the price of admission.

Overview of the fort

The original fort was built by the French in 1726. The masonry and woodwork are impressive.


Picture of the original gatehouse

Overall a great way to spend a few hours checking out history.

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